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5-Minute Closet Organization

What can you do in 5 minutes? A LOT!

Organizing a closet doesn’t take much time. It’s the decluttering part that takes time. So if you are overwhelmed with the idea of completing a closet project, start with the organizing and use that motivation you gain to do the decluttering on the next go-around.

3 Steps to a More Organized Closet

1. Gather all the empty hangers. You know that one’s that are mixed in with the hanging clothes. You won’t believe this. It make a huge difference to move the empties to the end of the rod or to a basket on the floor or shelf. Try it, you’ll see! More organizied already.

2. Get rid of all the dry cleaning bags. Are you thinking that using these keeps your ‘fancy’ clothes clean? They also keep the drycleaning chemicals trapped in your clothes and that does them no favors. If you must keep some bags on your nice clothes, then let them air-out when you bring them home from the dry cleaner and then rewrap them and store them at the end of the closet rod, so they are out of your way.

3. Put like-items with like-items. It’s that organizing principle to gather things into groups. If you don’t do this now, you’ll be shocked at what a difference it will make. Hang all your pants together, all your long-sleeved shirts together, all your short sleeved shirts together. TOGETHER – BLISS!

A more organized closet! And quick! I bet it didn’t take more than 5 (or 10) minutes.

Let me worn you, it will take an extra moment each time when you are putting away laundry to maintain what you’ve done here. But it is so worth it to have an organized closet every time you open the door.

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Reduce Junk Mail

Junk MailJunk mail takes up time and space. Aim to reduce your junk mail load by 50% this year. Set up a free account with www.dmachoice.org to be removed from direct marketing mailing lists. You will see reduced mailbox clutter within a few weeks’ time!

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Halt Phone Solicitations

downloadOh, those annoying telemarketers. Did you know you can stop them in their tracks? Opt out of unsolicited phone calls by visiting the Do Not Call Registry at www.donotcall.gov. It will take just a minute to do and will save you from unwelcome interruptions.

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Attack Magazine Clutter

images[1]Gather up all the magazine subscriptions you currently receive. Do you thoroughly enjoy all of them? Are they a good use of your time? Do you keep up with your reading? If not, call today to cancel your subscription(s). As you receive the current issue, toss old issues.

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Make Meal Planning Easy

Jot down the names of your household’s top 14 favorite meals. Then, on your calendar, decide which meals you’ll make for the upcoming seven days. Start a grocery list so you can buy all necessary supplies for a week’s meals next time you shop.

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Getting Ready for School

This month it is important to work with your budding student to get them ready for the big day. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! How exciting. Every child is different, so you need to focus on what is best for your child.

Will they adapt will to getting up early, getting dress and being out the door? A new morning routine should start a few weeks before the beginning of school, so that it will be one less new thing to conquer.

Do they know where they are going? Visiting the school and classroom, if possible, before the first official day will help ease the nerves of most little ones. Hopefully, you’ll be able to meet the teachers, walk the halls, check out the play ground and the cafeteria.

Discuss their new schedule with them. Will they go to a before or after school program? Where will they be picked up and dropped off? By who?

How will your family’s evening schedule change? Do you need to set aside time for homework? Will bed time change? This takes work from all involved.

You will have the most success if you have a plan and begin implementing it before the big day.

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Jump-Start Your New Organizing Business

Always thought that organizing is the business for you, but don’t know how to get started.

Nine hours of intense small group training, customized coaching and team support to give you the tools you need to:

  • Set up a legal business
  • Identify your ideal record keeping system
  • Build your pricing structure
  • Create a well-defined marketing plan
  • Establish realistic revenue and business goals
  • Implement basic organizing principles and theory
  • Create customized client forms
  • Assemble a top-notch tool kit


Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
September 24, October 8 & 22, November 5 & 19, December 3
Classes will be held and recorded as a Google Hangout!

Handouts and Power Point provided for lessons
Membership in the Organizing Business Start-Up facebook group

Learn more here!

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Simplify Your Life Week

The first week of August is “Simplify Your Life Week”.

What will you do to celebrate?

Here are a few idea:

  • Say no to a request that will take up time you don’t have to give.
  • Make a list of errands you need to run and do them all at one time.
  • Walk through your home collecting anything you don’t need and donate it.
  • Create a schedule for a chore in your home and then delegate the responsibility to someone else.
  • Stop trying to keep up with the Jones.

Any more ideas?

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Preparing for National Garage Sale Day: August 9th

Who knew! There is a national holiday devoted to the garage sale. How American is that?! We are such a consumer society that we denote a day of the year when we celebrate getting rid of stuff, so we can go by more. Or maybe you’ll be out shopping the garage sales. You know “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

If you want to participate in this all American holiday, it’s less than two weeks away. It’s time to get to work and rummage through your house for all those no-longer-wanted-items. Remember, if you haven’t used it in the last year you probably never will again.

Here is an old article I found from The Columbus Dispatch on how to prepare for a garage sale. In the article they quote some tips from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports offers these tips:

• Schedule your garage sale to coincide with a local event that’s likely to generate extra traffic near your home.

• Place the items with the broadest appeal close to the street to grab attention and lure potential buyers up the driveway.

• Sort clothing into categories — by gender, season and age group, for example — and display those items, if possible, on hangers.

• Keep a mirror handy if you’re selling accessories.

• Place fresh batteries in items that require them and keep a power source handy so shoppers can try out electronics and other plug-in appliances.

Happy Holiday everyone!

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