Compromising Couples

Compromise is the name of the game when organizing couples. No two people are alike in their level of organization. You must communicate with each other your expectations and then meet in the middle.

The latest book I am reading, “Clutter Control, Useful Tips for getting Rid of the Mess”, by Susan Wright, states the issues very well.

Compromise is in order when one or both partners are clutters. Usually each person has his or her own special problem – for example, the husband may be a collector while the wife can’t organize her time.

First, each must respect the other spouse’s right to live as he or she wants to. But it follows as a corollary that neither spouse has the right to inconvenience the other. These two principles must be kept in balance. One person’s habits or preferences should not be allowed to disrupt the household or prevent another from living normally.


About Basic Organization

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