Clutter Statistics

From one of my organizing idols, Judith Kolberg.

In December, 2009 the National Association of Professional Organizers and Office Depot conducted a survey of over 1,023 office workers on the question of “What clutters your workspace?.”

Their response? 32% said food. Yikes! It’s just another indication we are not taking our lunch breaks and instead working at our desks.

The same number of respondents reported newspapers and magazines clutter their workspace (so much for virtual reading).

31% have coffee cups nearby (since when is that clutter?), and 28% report “personal hygiene products.” Toothpaste? Combs? What could that mean?

Hey, whatever it means, it’s not a problem if people can get their work done. And that’s the point. Disorganization in the form of lost time looking for items, tardiness, and missed deadlines are good reasons to clean up clutter, according to the survey. Get the complete results at:

Thanks Judith


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3 Responses to Clutter Statistics

  1. Juli Monroe says:

    Interesting. Now that I have an actual office in my home, one of my office policies is no food. (I break that rule occasionally for a dark chocolate M&Ms break in my comfy chair by the window.) Water and sometimes iced tea are the only liquids allowed.

    And looking around, the only clutter is the stuff left over from my son’s occupation of the room. Not bad. One month into my office, and it’s still clutter-free.

  2. Janet says:

    Juli, staying organized is sometimes the hardest part, so great that you are keeping up. Isn’t it nice to spend time in an organized office? It almost makes work more fun!

  3. Juli Monroe says:

    It definitely beats “hoteling” at my dining room table! It makes it more fun, and I’m more productive because I’m in “work” mode while I’m here. Better ergonomics help too.

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