Is your Child a Rusher?

Take This Quiz From Ann Dolin’s Book


 Homework Made Simple

Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework

Test It Out! 

A – Usually   B-Sometimes   C-Rarely


Homework is completed quickly with little attention to detail.  A B C


My child’s grades suffer because of careless mistakes.  A B C

I argue with my child over the quality of homework.  A B C

Homework is done so quickly that handwriting is messy or illegible.  A B C

His binder is messy with papers shoved into random places. A B C


My child isn’t motivated to do his/her best work, just to get it done.  A B C

My child avoids editing/proofreading or revising written work.  A B C


Teachers have reported that my child is capable of higher quality work if only he/she would take the time.  A B C


If you answered “usually” (As) or “sometimes” (B’s) to the majority of these questions, your child will benefit from strategies to reduce rushing. 


Ann Dolin is a former Fairfax County Public School teacher with 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience.  Ann’s undergraduate degree is in Child Psychology and she received her Master’s in Special Education from Boston College.

Ann founded Educational Connections, Inc. in 1998 with the goal of providing individualized one-to-one instruction based on each student’s learning style.  Today, her company employs over 150 tutors, all of whom travel to students’ homes.  Educational Connections serves the metropolitan D.C. area, and has worked with over 4,000 students.  Ann currently sits on the board of the International Dyslexia Association as well as CHADD of Northern Virginia, which stands for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.


In addition to the strategies she will share today, many more techniques can be found in her recently released book, Homework Made Simple.


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