Plan Your Meals to Save Time and Money

From the new book Get Organized Today,  custom kitchen planner, Tina Oscar, talks about ways to conquer the kitchen chaos and create healthy meals fast in her chapter “Conquering Kitchen Chaos”.                              

For singles, spending a day cooking family-size meals and dividing them into single servings will save you not only time and money, but increase the odds that you’ll eat healthier, instead of just grazing through the kitchen at night.

The most common complaint I hear from people is that they don’t have time to cook. Consequently, budget busters such as ordering pizza, fast food drive through and prepared foods become the norm for dining. You can reverse this habit and get your budget and your health back into control by making a few simple changes. Would you be willing to invest one day a month to insure that you and your family eats nutritious and cost-effective meals for the entire month? I bet you would!

First, print out a calendar of the month divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have children who eat lunch at school, you might even want to pencil in what they’re having for lunch. That eliminates a meltdown when they discover that you’ve planned the same thing for dinner that they just ate for lunch.

Thinking of your family’s favorite meals, begin determining what you’ll prepare for which nights. Be mindful of nights that are busy with extra-curricular activities by placing an easy-to-prepare meal on those nights. By doing this, you’ll be able to have a variety of meals. Continue doing the same thing for breakfasts and lunch.

Using your calendar and recipes, begin to determine what ingredients you’ll need to buy and the quantities. With the proper storage containers in the kitchen, you can buy the majority of your food—even produce—on one shopping trip.

Normally, the fewer trips you make to the grocery store each month, the less money you’ll spend. Otherwise, those impulse purchases and end cap specials will wreak havoc on your budget. If you have remarkable self-restraint, you can actually save money by shopping the weekly ads. You’ll find that one week beef is on sale. The next week, chicken is on sale and the next week pork will be on sale. If you buy a month’s worth of beef the first week, a month’s worth of chicken the next week and a month’s worth of pork the third, you will buy when it’s on sale and start a cycle where every month you replace your inventory with the item on sale. However, this system will only produce savings for the disciplined shopper who is not tempted by the extra bag of chips or other non-essential purchases.

Get Organized Today

A collaboration of many professionals providing inspiration that affirms the power and importance of getting organized. The book provides practical ideas that you can use immediately to live a better, more effective life.


About Basic Organization

Basic Organization provides professional organizing services to busy families, business owners, down sizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We can teach you the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. By providing you with ideas, information, structure and solutions to help you regain control of your space, we can cure the chaos in you life!
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4 Responses to Plan Your Meals to Save Time and Money

  1. Juli Monroe says:

    Since our son went to college, we are more often cooking larger meals and having left overs the next day. It does make cooking and shopping easier. And the temptation to eat out is much reduced when there’s something in the fridge to just pop into the microwave.

  2. Yes. The temptation to eat out is reduced when you have a plan for dinner.
    I plan a weeks worth of dinners (around our schedules) and shop only once a week. It saves me time and money in the long run and ends that nagging question “What’s for dinner?”

  3. Say Mmm says:

    Looks like a good book. Putting a meal plan together definitely helps save time and money. Good point about not having time, as most people feel this way, and its key to realize that spending a little bit of time getting organized can save you a lot of time throughout the week.

  4. I agree, time getting organized is time well spent. I found that I also eat more balanced meals, because I spend a moment thinking about it. If you’d like to buy the book, please visit

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