The Perfect Day

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It was a perfect day. Not only because it was a religious holiday. Let me explain.

I had a chance to sit down and read more of The 100 Thing Chanllenge by Dave Bruno. I got to the chapter called “My Almost Perfect Wednesday” where Dave talks about his perfect day. While I was reading this, I realized that I had the making of a perfect day on my hands.

The weather was beautiful. I has sitting out on my back patio, in the sun, looking at my lovely flowering backyard, reading. I had been to church with my husband. My house was clean, prepared for family to come over later for a cook out. It was great!

I had to agree with what Dave writes, “If I had more – or more luxurious – consumer accessories, it would not have made the day any better.” Dave counted the items that he used on his perfect day. It was 20. I didn’t bother counting. I just enjoyed the day.


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