An Easy Decluttering Exercise

Want an easy way to evaluate what you need and what you use? This is an easy exercise to do just that. It allows you to focus on one type of item and it will reveal how much you really need.

Choose a storage spot – a utensil drawer in your kitchen, a sock drawer, a shelf in the garage. It should be a space that already has been sorted and there is only one type of item in it. Empty the contents of your storage spot into an empty box. Keep the box near by.

For the next few weeks or months, take out of the box anything that you need to use. Use it and afterwards, put it back into its storage spot (the drawer or shelf where it started). At the end of the exercise what’s left in the box is the stuff you have not used.

Do you really need those socks you haven’t worn in a month? How about that odd utensil that you not sure what it’s for. I find, when working with clients, that time is a great equalizer. We often pack things away that my clients are not sure about. We write the date on the box and put it out of the way. Months later those clients usually have not missed anything in the box and it is easier for them to let go of the items.

Try this easy decluttering exercise for yourself. Learn what you can live without.


About Basic Organization

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