The Opportunity Missed in “The Clothes They Stood Up In”

As the story goes, in The Clothes They Stood Up In by Alan Bennett, Mr and Mrs Ransome lost everything they had in their apartment during a burglary while they were out. Then, through a course of events, everything was returned. Was this a good thing?

As the author writes, “These discreet (and discrete) epiphanies apart, life after they had recovered their possessions went on much the same as it had before they lost them. Sometimes, though, lying there on the bed or waiting to get up in the morning, Mrs Ransome would get depressed, feeling she had missed the bus; though what bus it was or where it was headed she would have found it hard to say. Prior to the visit to Aylesbury and the return of the things, she had, she thought, persuaded herself that the burglary had been an opportunity, with each day bringing its crop of small adventures – a visit from Dusty, a walk down to Mr Anwar’s, a trip up the Edgware Road. Now re-ensconced among her possessions Mrs Ransome feared that her diversions were at an end; life had returned to normal but it was a normal she no longer relished or was contented with.”

What possessions of yours could you do without? Would letting go give you more time to do the things you love, with the people you love? Think about it.


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