Cupboard Cleanup

Have your bread crumbs gone bad? Is the vegetable oil on the verge? Here is a list of some cupboard staples and their expiration dates. Remember to always store your staples in air tight containers in a cool dry place.
  1. Brown Sugar: Indefinite shelf life.
  2. Granulated Sugar: Indefinite shelf life.
  3. Coffee (canned, ground): 2 years if unopened, 1 month if opened.
  4. Coffee (whole beans): 1 month in freezer.
  5. Dried Pasta: 1 year.
  6. All Purpose Flour: 10 to 15 months, unopened or opened.
  7. Whole Wheat Flour: 1 to 2 months in pantry, 6 months in freezer.
  8. White Rice: Indefinite shelf life.
  9. Brown Rice: 6 months in pantry, 1 year in freezer.
  10. Bread Crumbs: 3 to 6 months in pantry, 2 years in refrigerator.
  11. Potatoes: 1 month. Do not refrigerate.
  12. Onions: 1 to 4 weeks in pantry.
  13. Nuts: 1 month if unopened, 2 to 3 months in refrigerator or freezer, if opened.
  14. Honey: Indefinite shelf life.
  15. Maple Syrup: 1 year in refrigerator, indefinite in freezer.
  16. Ketchup: 1 year if unopened, 4 to 6 months in refrigerator, if opened.
  17. Vegetable Oil: 3 months in pantry, 6 months in refrigerator.
  18. Olive Oil: 12 to 18 months.
  19. Vinegar: Indefinitely if unopened, 6 months if opened.
  20. Mayonnaise: Follow use-by-date if unopened, 2 months if opened.
  21. Soy Sauce: 1 year in refrigerator, if opened.
  22. Worcestershire Sauce: 12 years, unopened or opened.
  23. Frozen Vegetables: 18 to 24 months if unopened, 1 month if opened.
  24. Salsa: 1 year if unopened, 2 weeks in refrigerator, if opened.
  25. Eggs: 3 to 5 weeks in refrigerator.
  26. Pre-Grated Cheese: Follow package date if unopened, 3 to 4 weeks if opened.
  27. Peanut Butter: 6 months. Keep natural type in the refrigerator.
  28. Spices: 1 year. Some spices should be refrigerated.
It’s a good idea to periodically check expiration dates on all your pantry supplies.

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