Prioritizing Organizing in 5 Minutes

You can achieve a more organized life in 5 minute increments.

Today’s 5 minute task is to corral your shoes. First, ask yourself where do your shoes live? Do you store them all in your closet, do some of them live by the front door, or are they all over the house? Where would you like your shoes to live? Pick a spot. Do you have a shoe rack or boxes where they will be stored? Now pair them up, sort into styles; heals, flats, business, casual, sports, etc. By sorting, you will make it easier to find what you are looking for from now on. That is one of the BIG benefits to being organized. Now it’s time to purge your wardrobe of any shoes that don’t fit, are badly worn or out of style. If you haven’t slipped them on your feet in a year, get rid of them. Great! You did it. Was it painful?

This quick organizing project should be done twice a year, with the change of seasons. You can switch out the flip-flops for the winter boots! Try it – prioritizing organizing in 5 minutes.

Organize Everything – Simplify Life


About Basic Organization

Basic Organization provides professional organizing services to busy families, business owners, down sizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We can teach you the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. By providing you with ideas, information, structure and solutions to help you regain control of your space, we can cure the chaos in you life!
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2 Responses to Prioritizing Organizing in 5 Minutes

  1. Very good tip! I like the 5 minute approach. I’ve been breaking down organizing in our house in small bits, and it’s been less stressful. But now I need some advice on working with the husband. I try to do a small 5-minute organization, and he launches into a flurry of things that takes an hour or more, killing my plan of doing something quick and then moving on. His philosophy? If we’re going to do something, do it all! Any advice on helping him to go along with the 5 minute thing?

  2. Juli, it’s great to focus on 5 minute projects. By completing small projects you can catch up with the back log or maintain the organization you already have. Many people are overwhelmed when thinking about a big organizing project. I guess your husband is not. I would not tamper his enthusiasm, but schedule the projects for a time when you are available and are sure you can finish what you started. Men tend to think of organizing as a project that can be done once and never again. Women tend to think of organizing as a chore that will need to be repeated to maintain.

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