Get Organized in 2012 – Week 2

I hope you completed your organizing  tasks for week 1. Are you looking at a more organized kitchen? Remember it takes only a few minutes a day to maintain an organized space, so keep it up.

Week 2

This week let’s move to the bedroom. You’ll really feel a difference as you declutter the space. Imagine what it will feel like to wake up each morning with the calm feeling that an organized space will bring you.

Day 1 – Clear off your nightstand. If there are two in the room, find time to do both. Only put back what is needed.

Day 2 – Declutter any drawers in your nightstand (the other one too).

Day 3 – Now venture under the bed (or should I say adventure). Clear everything out from under it. Identify if you need to store things under the bed, know what they are. Maybe out-of-season clothing or gift wrap. Make sure you contain anything that is going to live there, so it doesn’t get to dusty.

Day 4 – It’s time to tackle your dresser! Clear off the top. Put back only the things you love or that are useful. Clean the mirror if you have one.

Continue the rest of the week by organizing a dresser drawer each day. Name what it going to live in each drawer and only put that type of item in there. Have a sock drawer, an underwear drawer, a t-shirt drawer, etc.

Depending on how many drawers you have (and how much energy) try to get through all of the drawers by the end of the week.

You are making a difference! Can you feel the energy you have created in the empty space.

If you missed week 1 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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Basic Organization provides professional organizing services to busy families, business owners, down sizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We can teach you the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. By providing you with ideas, information, structure and solutions to help you regain control of your space, we can cure the chaos in you life!
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