Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Closet

I love an organized closet.

In order to get what you want, here are the top 10 questions to ask yourself in the elimination process.

  1. Have I worn this in the last year?
  2. Does it fit?
  3. Does it need altering?
  4. Is it ripped?
  5. Does it have spots?
  6. Is it in style?
  7. Is it good quality?
  8. Do I have more of this same item?
  9. Do I like it?
  10. Can someone else use it more than me?

If you hesitate with items, put them in a separate pile and reevaluate those items at a later date – like a month from now. You may feel differently about these items after you have some time away from them and after you have been enjoying your newly decluttered closet.

Be honest with yourself. Make the change!


About Basic Organization

Basic Organization provides professional organizing services to busy families, business owners, down sizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We can teach you the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. By providing you with ideas, information, structure and solutions to help you regain control of your space, we can cure the chaos in you life!
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