Photo Thursday – Recycling Electronics

What is it with boys and electronic toys? I’ll never understand.

This week, one of my sons decided to clean the clutter out of his bedroom. Part of what he tossed was this pile of electronics. Old and dusty – I am so glad that he is letting go of this stuff. I don’t even know what some of it is. Maybe you can identify the green thing?

As he was growing up, he loved electronics, taking things apart and seeing how they worked. But this stuff has not been touched in years. You can tell by the dust.

Are you ready for a blast-from-the-past? It’s a Macintosh Powerbook 165 – a dinosaur! It is time for this to go.

Since he was willing to let them go (as long as they were recycled) we moved these items to the garage to join some old computer parts.

Now it’s time to recycle – No problem! It is Electronic Sunday in my county this weekend. Do you have a program like this in your area? If not, the Best Buys stores in my area except items for recycling. Maybe this is available in your area too.

It’s getting easier to be “green” all the time. You can participate the movement the next time you declutter too.


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One Response to Photo Thursday – Recycling Electronics

  1. There is no point allowing electronic equipment to gather dust only to eventually be disposed of. The sooner you pass the equipment on to a recycler the better (as equipment gets older it gets incrementally harder to find a someone that wants to use it).

    The only exception being collectors items – in this case it’s better to keep it in the original wrapper 🙂

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