Get Organized in 2012 – Week 8

We are moving along on our “project organize”. Your kitchen, bedroom and bath or looking pretty good, I hope. This weeks challenge will be a less obvious spot – your hallway. Do you trip over items that are living in this unusual space? Sometimes when you don’t know where to put something, it will just land in the purgatory of the hallway – having no home at all. Make this week the time to act on this stuff.

Week 8

Day 1 through 3. Take as much time as you need to examine the items that are living in your hallway. What ends up in this space? Why? If you can answer these questions you are less likely to deposit stuff there again. Maybe your stuff can’t fit in the space it is supposed to. Maybe your linen closet is so packed that you just leave the overflow in a laundry basket near the door. Do you gather the kids cast-offs to pick up around the house, but can’t find a place to store the stuff once it’s gathered? Don’t deposit it in the hallway! It’s time to find a home for this stuff. Deliver all the items to the rooms where they belong. If you can’t determine a home “room” maybe you don’t need it.

Day 4. Look around your hallway. It probably seems bigger. Great! Now, look up. What kind of lighting is in the hallway? Changing out the burned out light bulbs will help make the space brighter. While you on the ladder, change the batteries in your smoke detector too. Do you what to touch up the paint, or wipe down the baseboard. Make this space shine.

Day 5. If you have artwork hanging on the wall, take a look at it. Is it outdated or just plain worn out? It’s time to rethink and redo. This could be a great place to display your kid’s artwork or a craft that you enjoy. Make it beautiful and you are less likely to clutter it up again.

Organizing and decluttering in a small space, like a hallway, can make a big difference. An organized space is contagious! Your efforts will move into other areas of your home.

If you missed week 7 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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