Get Organized in 2012 – Week 9

It’s week 9 of your organizing challenge. It time for a scavenger hunt? Ready? We are going to visit several areas of you home. By working on small pockets of clutter we’ll keep it interested and moving. Now go!

Week 9

Day 1. Declutter the end tables and coffee table in your living room or family room. This may include magazines, books, dirty dishes, toys (and everything else). Clear these surfaces and wipe them down. Find homes for all the stuff. Some baskets or bins will corral reading material and toys. Ask yourself “does this stuff belong somewhere else in the house?”

Day 2. Find the remnants of an old hobby you used to enjoy. Is it time to let it go? Gather all the items that are collecting dust and take them to a charity donation location. Let someone else enjoy these hobby items.

Day 3. Gather all the loose electronics around your house. Whether it’s an old monitor or some loose cords, if it’s not plugged in, get it together. Now is the time to evaluate what the stuff is and if you need it. The cords and small items that you are keeping can be stored in a bin or box (all together), so when you need a cord there will be only one place to look, to find it. The items that you no longer need can be recycled. In my area, Best Buy Stores will accept all types of electronics for recycling – CPU’s, laptops, monitors, TVs, cell phones, stereos, printers, etc. Much better than the landfill! Best Buy will even wipe or remove a hard drive for a small fee before you recycle.

Day 4. If you have pets, they get decluttered today. Go through their toys. Let go of anything that has seen better days or that they don’t play with.

Day 5. One last day. Find a collection somewhere in your home. Is it displayed on the table or a shelf? Is it so crowded that you can appreciate the individual items? Consider letting some of the collection go. If your collection is packed-away, not even seeing the light of day, now is the time to release it. If you are not enjoying it, let it find a new home.

These 5 small organizing project can make you look at your space differently. With less clutter there is more space for new opportunities (not new stuff). Feel the difference!

If you missed week 8 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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