Get Organized in 2012 – Week 10

To start week 10 of the organizing challenge, take a moment to think about what you are procrastinating about. Has participating in the “Get Organized” challenge helped you to stop procrastinating the decluttering of your home? You must challenge yourself to tackle the things that you have been avoiding. So let’s begin. . .

We’ll spend this week in the kitchen, working on small projects that should take a few minutes to accomplish.

Week 10

Day 1. Declutter the small utensil/tool drawer in your kitchen.

Day 2. Purchase a drawer organizer, if you don’t have one. I like the offerings at my local Target, but you can find drawer organizers everywhere. Install it and reorganize the drawer.

Day 3. Where do you store your large kitchen utensils? In another drawer? In a crock? Empty it, clean it out and declutter it. One trick I suggest to clients is to put all your large utensils into a box. Leave it on your kitchen counter. Pull what you need from the box and use it. Replace used items back into your drawer/crock after use. At the end of a week (or two) look in the box. These are the items that you don’t use. Are you able to let them go?

Day 4. If you have any open shelves in your kitchen, it’s time to look at those. What do you store there? Cookbooks or some nice pottery? Re-arrange, declutter and look at this space in a new light.

Day 5. Look at your microwave. Is everything you need to use it located near by? Relocate anything that doesn’t belong in your microwave station, so it will be easier to clean up after each use.

Look around your kitchen. Does it feel tidy? I hope you feel more efficient when preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards. Feel the difference!

If you missed week 9 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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