Creating A Family Safety Plan

Accidents and disasters can happen to anyone, at any time. You will sleep better at night knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected. Use these simple 10 steps to prepare your entire family to act if an emergency occurs.

  1. Create a list of emergency telephone numbers. Include contacts that you would need if you would not be able to use your cell phone. Post the phone list in a central location in your home. Make a pocket size copy for each family member to carry with them, in their wallet or backpack.
  2. Create a written inventory of all medications used by family members. Have a central location where all medication is stored.
  3. Teach your children how and when to dial 911.
  4. Look for possible hazards in your home, such as things that are located high up and are in danger of falling. Make sure exits are clear and poisons are locked up.
  5. Learn how and when to use your fire extinguisher. Make sure they are up to date and have not expired.
  6. Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You should have a detector on each level of your home, especially near all bedrooms. If you do not have adequate detectors, purchase what is needed.
  7. Teach all family members how and when to turn off the water, gas and electricity in the home.
  8. Identify all possible ways to exit your home in an emergency and find safe spots inside your home for shelter in a disaster.
  9. Determine several evacuation routes out of your neighborhood, office building, or school. Choose a location where your family will meet a distance from your home, in case of emergency and you are not able to make it home.
  10. Have a separate plan for anyone with special needs, including children, seniors, disabled and pets.

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