Adding a Little Green to My Life

It all started this winter. I get cabin fever during the cold season (even with this year’s mild weather) and start dreaming of Spring and getting outside. I usually day-dream about what I am going to plant in the garden and how I want to change it up.

Earlier this year I was visiting my local Habitat for Humanity Restore with a friend and came upon these great outdoor chair cushions. Here they are all packed away in my basement.

$20 for 5 chair seat cushions, 5 chair back cushions and 2 love seat cushions.  What a deal! I guess because there were only enough for 5 chairs. Even though I have 6 chairs I am going to make it work.

I couldn’t beat the price and the size, so I scooped them up. Thus began my back porch spruce up.

Here are some photos of my furniture on the porch. Everything is brown, so I knew that I needed something more.

I then decided that I needed a smaller table for the space. Let me explain. We have a rectangular, glass top table, but the porch is a little small with all the furniture in it. My immediate family includes four people, so a smaller table would work for us and give us more room to move in the space. It also meant that we would need only 4 or 5 chairs, thus fixing the odd number of cushions issue.

Back to Restore! I found a round oak table that was perfect! Well not really. Perfect for the space, but the top was in pretty bad shape. That’s why it was only $25. We brought it home and the painting project began.

First, repairs on the table top meant sanding it down and patching the most damaged spots. It’s not pretty, but I wanted to paint the table anyway.

Here’s were the green comes in. I wanted to add some more color to the back porch with the table, so I decided to paint the table the green color that was in the seat cushions. I also wanted to rough it up a little. We are not formal people and it is going to sit on the back porch in the summer humidity. So after several layers of paint, we sanded it down to the look we wanted and then poly-ed it for some protection from the elements.

I think it turned out great!

One more quick project to add interest. I found some inspiration on Pinterest the other day – How to make a floor cloth out of the table cloth. I found a great round table cloth that also coordinates with the new seat cushions at my local Home Goods. I hope to complete that project soon.

The biggest project of all is the re-screening of the porch. Late last season, a mysterious long rip appeared in the middle of one of the screen sections – Maybe a squirrel or bird, but maybe a ball or rock too. I’ll never know. The men in my life will take care of that soon, along with the porch cleanup that we do every year.

I can’t wait to have it all done. It will mark the beginning of the outdoor season for me. I’ll post final photos, once it’s all done. Happy Spring. What are you doing to celebrate the season?


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