10 Chores Your Toddler Can Do

Does your toddler participate in family chores?

I often talk to parents who believe that their kids are too young and they will “learn later” to do chores. I suggest that you make it a way of life from the very beginning. Your kids will learn as they grow. There are simple things that even an 18 month old can do.

10 Chores a Toddler Can Do

1. Wipe baseboards with a duster. The baseboards are down at their level, so easy to do and most kids love dusters.

2. Matching socks. This chore will also teach the concept of same and different.

3. Picking up toys. They may not want to do it, so make it a team chore and have everyone participate.

4. Putting clothes in a hamper. Make a game of “basketball” out of it.

5. Putting trash in a waste basket. Same idea as number 4.

6. Placing stuffed animals away. Easy to carry and it doesn’t really matter if they are straight.

7. Taking items to a different room. Make it a kind of “hide and seek” game, find the right room.

8. Placing unbreakable items on the dinner table.

9. Wiping up spills on the floor. They will learn to clean up after themselves.

10. Handing you items from a grocery bag. Ask them to identify each items as they handle it.

As you can see, doing the chores can be a learning experience for your toddler. It can also be fun!


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2 Responses to 10 Chores Your Toddler Can Do

  1. Thanks for this post, I totally agree! When my son started walking I told him he could start putting his toys away, he’s almost nine now and picks after himself, without being told about 95% of the time. Consistency pays off, but I understand that sometimes it’s easier to do it yourself, especially when they’re little!

  2. Carolina, I totally agree with you about consistency. Our job as mothers is not to do it for them, it’s to teach them how to do it themselves. It’s always easier to do it yourself than to teach someone else how. But the reward it so great!

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