Plastic or Reusable Bags

The question is no longer “paper or plastic”. Today, it’s more likely that you’ll be asked “did you bring your own?” I don’t even think paper grocery bags are an option at my regular store anymore. Yes, I can always go to Trader Joe’s if I want their nice (handled) paper bags. Fancy! and kind of retro too.

If you are trying to convert to the usable bags, here is an interesting article “How to Ruse Plastic Bags”. It gives you some great reasons for using the reusable bags versus reusing plastic bags. Which do you do?

Soon, in my area, there will be a charge for using the grocery store plastic bags. That just won’t do for me, when the reusable bags are so available and easy to use. I recently purchased The Tote Buddy. It’s a great, easy way to corral all those reusable bags neatly in your car and into the store.

How do you make using reusable bags easy and convenient?


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