10 Chores Your Preschooler Can Do

All kids can do age-appropriate chores. Even a preschooler can help out around the house. They may balk at the idea, but teaching them to participate in activities for the betterment of the family is important. They will learn how to cooperate, be responsible and kindness.

Here’s a list of appropriate chores for a preschooler:

  1. Clear the dinner table.
  2. Bring newspapers in from outside.
  3. Water the garden.
  4. Hang up their coat.
  5. Help to put groceries away.
  6. Dust table tops.
  7. Put books a way on a shelf.
  8. Wipe windows.
  9. Sort laundry.
  10. Sweep with a bloom.

A little bit of praise (from you) for a job well done will make a big difference and get them on board with chores.


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