How Many Books is Too Many?

Here’s my stash of “to reads” and I confess I have a few more (like 10) in my family room in a nice bin. These are under my bed, waiting their turn.

How many is enough? I pose this question a lot to my clients and I am starting to wonder about the answer for my book situation. I do love to read and carry a book with me just about everywhere I go. But, I am not the fastest reader, so this many in the backlog will take me a long time to enjoy.

I still love the feel of holding a book and flipping the pages, so I haven’t migrated to an e-book yet. It would solve my problem though.

I have declared a moratorium on book acquisition for the time being. Maybe in a few months I’ll be able to lift the moratorium, but for now I am living with the idea that enough is enough.

By the way, I don’t save books after reading them. My entire collection of read books is less than 30. It’s just the “to read” that gets me.

Do you love to read? How many “to read” books do you have?


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One Response to How Many Books is Too Many?

  1. Mine all all on my Nook, but my current count is almost 40. It’s actually fewer “books” than that, but four of the books are omnibus editions. That’s a bit high for me lately, but I’ve had a lot of library books on hold suddenly become available, and there’s been some good free books released lately. My actual monetary investment in those 40-odd books is less than $30.

    Fortunately, I’m a fast reader.

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