Get Organized in 2012 – Week 18

This week we are looking for small spaces to organize. Let’s tackle the drawers in your home. Decide what type of item is going to live in each space and communicate that that is the new home for that item and nothing else.

Week 18

Day 1. Choose a small drawer in an end table to organize. These are a great place to stash junk, until they get too full to hold any more. Clean one out and make the decision about what is going to live there in the future.

Day 2. Find a drawer with a collection of small toys that have no other home. If you have kids you some. They are usually those odd items that aren’t part of a set. Do you really need them? or are they just junk?

Day 3. Do you have a desk area in you kitchen? Often they are not big enough to be used for anything but a place to stash stuff. Organize on just one drawer. What do you find there? Is it necessary?

Day 4. Let’s move to a bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have drawers for bathroom storage, it time to dig into those and see what you find. Clean it out. Toss the old.

Day 5. I am sure there are more drawers in your home to organize. Go back and continue in a space you started or find another drawer waiting for attention.

A little game you can play: Count all the drawers in your house. How many do you have? These a spaces where clutter collects. Take the time to clean out a few and create some organization in your life.

If you missed week 17 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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