How Do You Welcome?

Creating an inviting entrance to your home can be fun and creative. It can also say a little about you, suggesting to your guests what to expect inside.


It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but you can show off your personality to incoming guests and  passers-by.

Here’s what my front porch looks like.


We redid the walk last year when we lost the only two big trees in our front yard in a winter storm. Replacing the trees turned into re-landscaping and taking out our old (sinking) concrete walk and putting in pavers, making a small patio area in front of the porch. This did cost some money, but it really changed (updated) the look of the front of the house.


There’s not much on my front porch. I like it clean and uncluttered. I love the bench. It’s welcoming even with no fufu stuff. (I live in a house of all boys, so fufu doesn’t go over well.) I remember sitting here with my kids when they were little, kind of watching the world go by. I loved it. Now my older son sit here and reads. I think he still likes to watch the world from this vantage point.

I was a little more casual with my back entrance. Here is a photo of my back porch door.

This is just for us. Really, no one else sees it except the family and people who have been invited in. Of course, there are some flowers – Love them. The wind chime is from my MIL. I think of her every time I hear it or catch the sparkles of light as the sun shines on it.

The welcome sign is a new addition. It’s adds a little interest, but also is a place for hands to push the door open. I decided that I couldn’t fight that and just went with the flow. This entrance has evolved over time, so has not really cost much at all and I think it’s warm and inviting.

So what does your home’s entrance say about you? If you need ideas of how spruce up your entry, try There are tons of ideas to get your creativity going and make your entrance more welcoming.


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