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Basic Organization is Hiring

Part-time professional organizer assistant Basic Organization, LLC, is a professional organizing firm specializing in residential organizing services. This seven-year old company is in a period of growth and you could contribute to its success. The open position is part-time with … Continue reading

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Are you Chronically Disorganized?

Chronic Disorganization is a term coined by Judith Kolberg, author of several books, including Conquering Chronic Disorganization. She defines the term as persistent, constant and enduring, having a long history, which undermines one’s quality of life on a daily basis … Continue reading

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Wrap Up the Gift Wrap

There are always creative ways to organize and store your items. Coming up with something a little different can make all your work a show piece. Today we will focus on gift wrapping supplies. Where do you store your stash? … Continue reading

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Free “Downsizing in Place” Booklet

Downsizing isn’t just for seniors. It’s a trend to live with less. Not to deprive yourself, but to feel in control of your life. Living simply means living with more – more time, more money and more space. Today’s give-away … Continue reading

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10 Tips on How to Get Going on a Task

If you are alway  doing things at the last-minute, you are not alone. Many people have trouble getting motivated to start tasks. Large or small, homework, chores or job responsibilities – getting started on all these can stress you out. … Continue reading

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Being an Effective Listener Can Save You Time

Poor listening habits are a major component of poor communications. Poor communication is a time waster. To be a good listener you must avoid pre-judging, daydreaming, interrupting, reacting to emotional words, or being distracted. Effective listening can be learned. With … Continue reading

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Get Organized in 2012 – Week 26

It’s summer, so this week let’s concentrate on getting all your seasonal items organized. You know the stuff. All the things you can’t wait to use when the sun starts shining bright, but you may not clean up, repair or … Continue reading

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I Love Me Some White Space

I am going to have a great day today. My calendar is completely empty. WHITE SPACE! I love white space on my calendar because I know that I’ll be able to breathe today. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to … Continue reading

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Can You Make Decluttering a Party?

Why yes, of course. So many of my clients will say to me, “I could do this myself, but I don’t. I’ll do it when you are here though.” For most people, decluttering and organizing are social activities. They like … Continue reading

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I’ll See You at the Library

So Old School! No one goes to the library any more. But, today I am studying for a test I’ll be taking tomorrow. I need to get away from my house and all the distractions that are there – No … Continue reading

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