Get Organized in 2012 – Week 26

It’s summer, so this week let’s concentrate on getting all your seasonal items organized. You know the stuff. All the things you can’t wait to use when the sun starts shining bright, but you may not clean up, repair or get rid of when the season (sadly) ends.

Week 26

Day 1. Grab that beach/pool bag. What’s inside? Clean it out and get rid of anything that is old or you don’t need. Gather similar items and corral them into small bags. Have a container for your wallet, sunglasses and cell phone and a different one for the sun screen. Separating like items will make them easier to find when you need them.

Day 2. How about the beach towels? How many do you need? How many do you have? A great place to donate old towels is your local animals shelter. Just think a dog and cat would love a bright, soft towel to sleep on. Make sure you have a place to store all your towels while not in use and also a bag to carry them to your destination.

Day 3. It’s time to do some grilling. So, that means it’s time to organize the BBQ area. Do you have the equipment needed to succeed? Is it old and in need of replacement? Clear it out and give your grill a good cleaning. Make sure that you have a safe storage place for your charcoal or propane tank.

Day 4. Take a look at your outdoor furniture. Anything in need of repair or replacement? Don’t forget your beach chairs and other folding chairs. Consider where all of these items live. Could you rethink your storage options to keep these items clean and dry?

Day 5. Do you picnic? Now is the time to examine your picnic equipment. Gather everything together, make sure it’s all clean and  ready to go. Don’t forget a picnic blanket and some bug spray! Now you’ll be ready to just prepare the food and go. This project could carry you all the way through tail gating season.

If you missed week 25 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.

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