Being an Effective Listener Can Save You Time

Poor listening habits are a major component of poor communications. Poor communication is a time waster. To be a good listener you must avoid pre-judging, daydreaming, interrupting, reacting to emotional words, or being distracted.

Effective listening can be learned. With practice, you can become an effective listener. By listening effectively you will save time. When you can  answer yes to the following five questions you will qualify as a good listener.

1. In a noisy room, can you concentrate enough to understand everything that is said to you?

2. When someone is presenting a lengthy speech, can you stay focused on the speaker’s ideas instead of letting your mind wander?

3. Since your mind can think about four times as fast as a speaker can talk, do you ponder what is being said?

4. When listening, can you block out the speaker’s delivery and physical appearance?

5. If a talk is boring, do you concentrate on listening for something of value?

About Basic Organization

Basic Organization provides professional organizing services to busy families, business owners, down sizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We can teach you the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. By providing you with ideas, information, structure and solutions to help you regain control of your space, we can cure the chaos in you life!
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