Google Tricks

From my favorite magazine Real Simple, here are some Google tricks that will save you time on the Internet.

Perform calculations – type into the search box your calculation and the answer will show up at the top of the results page.

Convert measurements – type what you want to convert into the search box, including currency conversions. Automatic results.

Track flights – enter your airline and flight number into the search box to check whether your flight is on time.

Locate packages – enter ‘track’ plus the tracking number into the search field for a direct link.

Look up addresses – type a phone number into the search box and if listed, you get a mailing address.

Find movie showtimes – type ‘movies’ plus your zip code for theater and showtimes.

Listen to songs – type the title of a song and it’s artist in the search box and a playable file will pop up at the top of the results.


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4 Responses to Google Tricks

  1. Reblogged this on Shannonside Training Tips and commented:
    Some quickm tricks everyone should know….

  2. The last one (playable song file) didn’t work for me. Bummer. I really liked that one.

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