My 100+ Mile Yard Sale Report

It was hot, hot, hot (I think 105 degree) last Saturday, but we still went on the treasure hunt (Yard Sale). I had a great time and brought a few things. Here’s what I came home with.

These bags of buttons were not on my “to buy” list, but they reminded me of craft project I saw on Pinterest that I want to do. I picked these up in Burkeville, Virginia, in the back of someone’s garage. As you can see each bag was $4.00, so I snatched up two which I hope will be enough to cover my two old lamp shades.

Here’s is my Pinterest inspiration. Cute, cute, cute!Plain lamp + hot glue gun+ buttons

Something I was on the look out for was a small crock pot and I scored one in Amelia Virginia! This is exactly what I wanted and it was only $5.00.

And, because I found the crock pot, I bought these cook books outside of Crewe Virginia. Guess what we are eating at my house this week?

All day I was on the look out for a wooden ladder. Again, another Pinterest inspiration that I wanted to make. I was lucky on our last stop in Amelia Virginia where I picked this up for $10.00. I need to take the stickers/labels off and I already have bird houses to attach.

This is what I hope it will look like when I am finished.

Birdie Heights! Click the image to enlarge.

I saw this cute box at the end of the day. I don’t really need it, but told myself, “just this one last purchase”. When I got home my son said that he liked it, so I gave it to him. Glad it found a use.

I enjoyed my day traveling through a part of Virginia that I have never visited. The people were so friendly and welcoming. I wish there had been more sellers. A few of the locations that I had heard would be filled with tables, were not. We had our best luck at sales on the side of the road, not in the big lots. (I am sure the weather had a lot to do with this.) I didn’t travel the whole 100 miles, but I hope to do this again and maybe I’ll visit those towns I missed this time. Congratulations to all who managed this event. Thanks for a great day.


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