Get Organized in 2012 – Week 37

We will explore an area of your house we haven’t ventured into yet. It’s the coat closet! It’s possible to organize this small space with just 15 minutes a day, in only a few days. Organizing it will make the space much easier to use and keep orderly.

Week 37

Day 1. Start at the top. Take everything off the shelf. What’s there? Anything that doesn’t belong in your front closet should go. Find a new home for items you need and get rid of the rest. Sort what’s left into groups. Do you store hats and gloves there? or light bulbs and batteries? It doesn’t matter – whatever works for you. Store your items in colorful, labeled bins. It will make it easier for the whole family to find what they want and get things back into their home, without making a mess.

Day 2. Focus on what’s hanging. Coats, coats and more coats. How many do you need? If they all don’t fit in your space, choose the ones that you use most often to stay in the space and move others to long-term storage. Get some good hangers. The weight of winter coats often need heavy-duty hangers.

Day 3.  Find the floor. Again, move everything out. What’s in the pile? I often find vacuum cleaners and brooms stored in front closets. (I do it myself. ) Sometimes it’s the only place to keep them. Make space for the needed items. Do you keep shoes in the closet? Make more storage space by adding a floor standing shoe rack.

Day 4. Need more storage? Consider hooks on the back or front of the door. Even young children will be able to hang their coats on a hook! 3M hooks won’t harm the surface of the door and will allow you to move them up as the kids grow.

Day 5. More storage? How about over-the-door shoe storage pockets? They don’t have to be used for shoes. Gloves, mittens, keys, wallets, sunglasses are all good options for on-the-door storage.

Stand back and look at the space. Clean and organized! Wow. Great job.

Enjoy the space.

If you missed week 36 of Get Organized in 2012 check it out here.


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