My New Office – The Slow Reveal

This is the second installment of my new office reveal.

If you missed the first post, here it is.

The second part of the reveal involves how I dealt with some of the surfaces in my office. Here’s my desk.  As you can see, I am trying to keep it clear of too much stuff. I tend to pile what I need to work on that day on top of the desk and then work around the piles. Having all that stuff on the desk gets in my way, so I am trying to make it a new habit of clearing my desk off very often. Also, look at those teal window treatments. I love them! Just having some color makes me happy.


Moving around the room. Check out the storage on the wall. This is what I am using to change my piling desk habit. These bins are each labeled with categories that means something to me, like  there is one for each day of the week. I use these to prep for my appointments, one-week-in-advance. There are also categories for business, groups, personal. All the categories are things I pull paper from often, so it’s good that they are close by. I can sit at my desk and reach these bins.

See the flowers on the file cabinet? They are my dollar store answer to dressing up an ugly, but high quality cabinet that I didn’t want to get rid of.

One thing I need to work on are the unruly cords. The next photo shows that my printer is on top of the file cabinet. I love that it is out-of-the-way, but I need to find a solution for the cords. I also relocated the printer paper stash next to the printer. More efficient.




I even changed the floors of the office! Gone is the old carpet. My dear husband installed the new laminate flooring. I love it! The throw rug is from IKEA. I just wanted some color, but I think I will move it around the room to find it’s best location. It’s a work in progress.

I even bought a step stool that sits under my desk, that I prop my feet on, But I also need it to get to the shelf in the closet, where I archive my business paper work. Happy with that as well.

There is one more office reveal (in a week or so). It will be the best one – the most creative. So stay tuned.



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