Get Organized in 2012 – Week 41

This week we will examine the “under, around and through” spaces in your home. Make it a game.

Week 41

Day 1. What’s under the beds? This may take more than one day, but it’s time to pull out what’s under each bed in the house. Dust it off and determine what it is and why it’s living in this dark dusty space. If you are going to store things under your bed than you need to contain the items in a box or bin made for this space. Make sure your containers have covers to keep items clean and safe.

Day 2. Now how about what’s under the rest of the furniture? Check the sofa, end tables, dressers of your home. Have you been inadvertently storing things in these spaces? Find new homes for the stuff that you need to keep. But, I suspect that most of it will do directly into the trash.

Day 3. Move around your house looking for cluttered areas. Maybe it’s around the TV, where DVDs and video games have collected. Or maybe you’ve cluttered the area around your kitchen sink. Remove what doesn’t need to be in the area, so you have a calm space to work or relax.

Day 4. Now it’s time to go through some collections. What is it that you collect? It could be something of value, like jewelry or something of little value, like sugar packets. Ask yourself how many do you really need. Set a number, then review through what you have. Determining when enough if enough is a great practice to stay clutter free.

Day 5. One more through. Take a moment to review through your goals. Listing them is a great way to examine what it is that you are working towards.

If you missed week 40 of Get Organized in 2012, check it out here.


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