Ways to Waste the Day

It so easy to waste away the day.

  • Watch too much TV
  • Do some mindless shopping
  • Park yourself on facebook
  • Gossip

What you do catch yourself doing that wastes time?


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7 Responses to Ways to Waste the Day

  1. Linda Samuels says:

    Interesting post, Janet. We all waste days. While time and life is precious, I also think that as human beings that do SO much, sometimes we just need a day of mindlessness. In our family we call it “blobbing,” or “having a blob day.” We meander and do some of those “unproductive” things that you mentioned. Each of us seems to need that every so often to balance the busyness and determination of the other 360 days. So while I definitely am a living-life-to-the-fullest kind of person, I know that sometimes the engines need to stop and just blob.

  2. I like your family word “blobbing”. We do that too, but didn’t have a word for it. I think we’ll adopt it. I do agree that it good to have down time or just do nothing some times, but many do it too often. Making a to-do list at the beginning of the day seems to help me focus on short term goals and not get mired in time-wasters.

    • Linda Samuels says:

      Feel free to “adopt” our word. I guess it’s a matter of figuring out the right mix between productivity and relaxation. The two go together. We can’t be “on” all the time expecting to be effective. We need to stop and recharge sometimes. But that’s the key…define “sometimes.” However, it’s also important to fully partake in the “blobbing” when it’s time without guilt or regret. Mindfulness in both work and play.

  3. Totally agree. I struggle with “blobbing” without guilt.

  4. carolsheahan says:

    Balance and time management are key! Janet, I agree on the to-do list strategy. I find these lists are key to me staying focused and getting things done. I agree Linda, too, about “guilt-free blobbing.” I’ve had to force myself to not do anything (“blob”), though. It can be tough, right? I feel guilty when I’m not doing something, especially at home. It’s no problem for me to relax, read, etc. when I’m on vacation or at the farm or lake for the weekend. I’m learning that it’s not only OK, but important to my overall health and well being. This Fall I’ve taken up bowhunting (my husband has hunted for years). Sitting in the woods quietly for 3-4 hours is a great way to unwind. In the beginning, I felt that I as “wasting” time if I didn’t see a deer (no result/return on my time investment). Now I treasure that time to tune into nature, and just “be” in the moment. My senses are heightened, listening to the sounds of the woods and watching the wildlife. I am totally unplugged from the world. To help with balance and time management, I’ve found it effective to create my to-do list on Sunday night for the week, and then update it each day (before I leave work and before I go to bed) as I go through the week. I schedule my time so I can “blob” for 30-60 minutes each weekday and as much as possible on the weekends.

  5. Great thoughts Carol. I also find that being outdoors helps me to relax and not be tempted to jump up and “do something”. It’s fantastic that you do something physical. I usually combine my love of reading with the outdoors. IMO there is nothing better than sitting on my back porch reading a book.
    I also plan my week on Sunday. It helps me to feel prepared and gives me the ability to be flexible when the inevitable urgency comes up.

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