What To Do With the Catalog On-Slaught

It’s that time of year – Catalog time! I receive a couple everyday in the mail. I do a lot of internet shopping, especially this time of year. I know that as soon as I hit that “place order” button on some shopping web site I will be placed on a mailing list or two (or ten). That’s just the way it is.

I do like to thumb through some of these catalogs for gift ideas, But as soon as my holiday shopping is over, I don’t want to receive all the catalogs anymore. Here is what I do to deal with this dilemma.

I make a stack of all the catalogs I receive and place it where I’ll do my browsing.  I don’t worry about that ever-growing pile for now. Once the holiday’s are over, I gather up the pile and decide which catalogs I no longer want to receive. Then, I will visit The Direct Marketing Association web site to remove my name from mailing lists. The reason you keep the catalogs that you are not interested in is because you will need information of the address label on each catalog to get your name deleted from each individual catalog’s list.

It’s actually very easy to do and takes just minutes. Soon the amount of junk mail in your box will lessen. YEAH! It’s a good idea to do this occasionally  since I don’t think on-line shopping will end, so being added to mailing list will never stop either. Happy shopping!


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