Organizing Paint

By Basic Organization team member Tracy Wells.

Just the other day I took a trip to my local Benjamin Moore paint dealer.  As I was purchasing a brand new gallon of expensive paint the store owner informed me that my paint shouldn’t really be stored in the paint canister for more than 5 years. Why?  He said, “the canisters break down and rust particles can get mixed in with your paint”.  He told me I should transfer them to plastic containers with a good air seal.  So, now I have another organizing project in sight…..transferring my paints to plastic storage containers.  As you can see from the pictures I have already started.

For those of you willing to invest the time with this project make sure you label the lid with the paint brand, color, code, and room surface it was used on.  Don’t forget to put a paint dab on top to see what color is inside for easy identification. As we all know, paint canisters are big and they take up a lot of space.  If you have smaller paint leftovers you may also transfer those to canning jars.  The paint will keep better in the full container because there is less contact with air.  Also, be sure to store your paint in a climate controlled room. Keeping them off the concrete floor can help the canisters from rusting.  If you have any other concerns check with your local paint store or search the internet for paint storage advice.

Here’ another great tip for a creative use with new/unused paint canisters which are for sale at your local hardware supply store. Why not fill them with fudge, cookies, brownies or candy? Or how about some coffee or cookie mix with the instruction label attached? I bet my kids would like a jar full of money change. You get the picture!


About Basic Organization

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