The 5 Must Have Tools for Your Business Success in 2013

I want you to enjoy your December but PLEASE put these 5 tools in place before January and start 2013 off with a bang!

TOOL #1:
You are tracking your numbers properly 
Get clear on the money side of your business. If you aren’t clear then everything else is muddy.

Use QuickBooks to keep track of income and expenses. Use our amazing Numbers Tracking Tool to keep track of your bookings and to know if you are on track to reach your Optimistic Number. If you don’t have the tracking tool or know what an Optimistic Number is then you must attend my Growing Your Business with Confidence Virtual Day! My next one is Thursday, January 17, 2013 – save the date!

TOOL #2:
You have a defined O.D.I. payment schedule 
As business owners we have roles, responsibilities, expectations, and we have a compensation package. This is referred to as our Owner’s Discretionary Income or O.D.I.

Decide now what you’re going to pay yourself and then decide when. The 1st and 15th? Every Friday?

If it terrifies you to pay yourself first before taking care of expenses this is a very good thing. You will do a MUCH better job of marketing. This is going to make you pick up the phone, this is going to make you follow-up, this is going make you talk to more people at a networking event, etc.

Start marketing to pay yourself vs. marketing to pay your bills. Amazing things are going to happen!

TOOL #3:
You execute a mix of primary strategies 
There are 7 core marketing strategies:

Trade show
Direct Mail

You should be working with 3 primary strategies. Primary means that you are executing the strategy monthly. Which 3 will you pick?

TOOL #4:
You have a clear profile of your right fit 

Not everyone in the world is a good client for you. So, why are you marketing to everyone?! Put together your profile of your right fit with demographic parameters and environmental triggers. When you have your profile then you will start ‘seeing’ your right fit and marketing becomes SO much easier.

TOOL #5:
You have a payoff in your messaging 

What is your call to action in your marketing messages? You need to be very clear in how they can contact you AND offer them something special by contacting you. Perhaps a free report, a free 20-minute consultation, an article, etc.

The magic is in the mix. 

Action Steps: 
1. Make a decision today that you are going to take action on these 5 ideas.
2. Take action by picking one to start today.
3. Stay focused and start implementing these one by one. Your business will thank you!?

Would you like to learn more simple ways how women entrepreneurs can have more focus, more courage, more momentum and be more productive? Check out my web site,, for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my gift to you of the “10 Fearless Lessons Everyone Must Know” eBook. 

Award-winning small business expert Elizabeth Hagen is the Growing Your Business with Confidence Coach.


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