Keeping the Loved Ones Close – Where Did You Buy Hop?

Parents, when you realize that your child has taken a liking to a particular toy, consider buying a second (just in case) one. The last thing that you want to experience the trauma that losing that loved one can cause your kids.

Years ago, I sent my niece a small, very soft stuffed rabbit for her birthday. We live on opposite coasts, so I didn’t realize how much she loved “Hop” until (over a year later) when I got a call from my brother asking me where I bought the stuffed animal. Sadly, my niece had misplaced Hop and was beside herself. Hop was her constant companion and it’s hard for a 4-year-old to let those things go sometime.

I had purchased Hop at a small local gift shop and on returning to the store the next day, of course they didn’t have any more and couldn’t help me purchase another one. I had to call me brother back and give him the bad news. The resourceful guy that he is, he had scoured the internet and found another Hop to purchase.

I left it up to him to figure out how to explain the “new appearance” of Hop. But, he certainly came through and learned his lesson. He quickly found and ordered a back up as well, so as not to repeat the same mistake.

It’s hard for anyone to give up items that they have an emotional attachment to. Try being 4 years old and doing by mistake! So, pick the one item that you think your kids could not live without and consider having a back-up.


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