Get Organized in 2012 – Week 51

This is a great time of year to donate items you no longer need to a charity. It helps in two ways. 1. It let’s someone else use what you don’t need. 2. Donating makes space in your home. So let’s get started by grabbing a box or a bag and fill it up.

Week 51

Day 1. You know all those Christmas decorations you didn’t use this year. Did you use them last year? Are you doing to keep them for another year? It’s OK. People’s tastes and lifestyles change. Consider donating these items now, since a lot of thrifty store can’t accept them after Christmas, because they don’t have storage space.

Day 2. Check out your coat closet. Anything in there that you don’t use or doesn’t fit. What a gift a warm coat would be to someone who doesn’t have one. Don’t forget hats, gloves, boots and scarves. Take them to a charity today.

Day 3. Don’t forget your furry family members either. Do you have any food or toys that your pets don’t like? Visit an animal shelter and donate them. The shelters also like old towels, blankets and sheets for the animals as well, so donate!

Day 4. How about your clothes closet? While you’re on a roll, check out your clothing. Fill a bag with the summer clothes that you didn’t wear in 2012. How about anything that doesn’t fit. Donate that stuff as well.

Day 5. Now is the time to get the kids involved and delcutter the toys. I used to “state the facts” to my kids. 1. They would be getting new toys for Christmas soon. 2. We only have so much space to store toys. 3. After Christmas they would be too busy playing with the new stuff to concentrate on decluttering. This unusually worked – you know Santa was watching to see if they were being good.

By taking the time to declutter before the holidays you will be prepared to enter the gift giving season with room to spare.

If you missed week 50 of Get Organized in 2012, check it out here.


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