A Craft Room to Die For!

I saw the most wonderfully organized craft room over the holiday. I want it!

It belongs to my sister-in-law. The family has been living in their house for (I think) 8 years and all along she has had a room in her basement that she called her craft room. It was never set up, just piled with boxes. No wonder. She and my brother work full-time and have 3 kids (2 of which arrived since moving into the house). A craft room just never made it to the top of the priority list.

Finally, they found the time to create this great space where she and my nieces can enjoy creating all kinds of things. It’s so organized, with lots of storage, and she didn’t spend a lot to get this great space.

One of the things that caught my eye, right away, was the peg board on the back wall. I love that it is clear. It really gives the effect of everything floating on the wall. So organized! She can see, find, and return everything to it’s home – probably more important for the kids, so mom doesn’t end up with a chaotic space. You can get the peg board at Azarddiplays.com.

All the craft supplies are so colorful and you really don’t need more decoration on the wall. By just using the space, they will change the look of the room all the time.

Check out all the hooks and bins to hold all the different supplies. Identifying a home for each type of item makes everything so organized.

I want to go over and scrap with them! I mean, why not enjoy all the pretty things before you use them in a project?

There is more storage all around the room. I love the wrapping paper on the wall and the little jars and ribbon rolls on the shelf. Again, so organized – I love it. Wouldn’t you just enjoy being in this space.

On another wall, more storage! These cubbies from IKEA are great for larger items, like books, magazines and equipment.

Let’s not forget the work table! In the middle of the room, there is a great work table with enough space to stretch out. You can walk (or sit) all the way around the table, so lots of people can gather and work.

On the work tops there were several containers to hold smaller items that are used often.

My sister-in-law equipped the space with some inexpensive storage ideas from IKEA, so she could spend on items that she really wanted. Check of some of them here and here.

I just love all the color and clean lines in this room. So glad that my SIL can now enjoy her craft area. Is there a space in your house that you would like to change? Let me know.


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