Phone-Tech Etiquette

In an attempt to save time, we often become techno-rude. Don’t let your attempts cause you poor etiquette. The quest for increased productivity and the need to be connected can easily offend others. Here are five rules of etiquette to consider.

  1. Give your full attention to the people in front of you. Don’t check email or engage in text messaging during meetings or dinner.
  2. Don’t send the signal that you are unavailable by always wearing an earpiece like bluetooth.
  3. Respect the time of ours by turning off your phone during interviews, sales calls and business lunches.
  4. Don’t subject others to your personal conversations. If you must make and receive calls in public places, lower your voice or go outside.
  5. Don’t feel compelled to fill your idle time emailing or texting. Live in the moment.

According to an article in the February 10, 2010 issue of the Toronto Sun, 42% of chief information officers have seen increased instances of poor workplace etiquette because of mobile electronic devices.


About Basic Organization

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