Life in Black and White

I read a post yesterday, that I found through a colleague of mine, Picture Perfect Organizing. (Thanks Jody) and if you have been reading this blog for a long time, you know that my big organizing downfall is photos. I just can’t seem to find the same passion organizing photos than I do with other things. Even my own photos sit languishing in the corner (unorganized) as we speak.

But . . . to get back to the post I read. It was from Capturing Joy and had great examples of ways to display photos in your home using black and white photography. I love to do this. So I thought I would share two spaces in my home where I have done this.

First, this is my dining room. This wall started with the family tree that I made for my husband many years ago. Then I decided to add photos of the many relatives who made up our tree. Mind you, I started this before scanners and email, by asking our parents if I could make copies of some of the old family photographs. I reproduced each photo in black and white and some I changed the size of the photos as well. To make them cohesive, everything is framed in black frames and white mats are used in some frames. I also have all the photos arranged by family – Mom, Dad, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law, but you don’t have to do this.

Second, is a project I just started. It’s on a wall in my office. You see, as the year’s have gone by and my children have grown, for some reason I slowly put away all the photos of them when they were young. I started to think that it looked cluttered and was somewhat a source of embarrassment to them. (I do have a digital frame with lots of those early years, so I don’t miss out.) The wall in my office is some of the favorites of mine. I like looking at them daily. The black graphic design is from The Container Store. They are just so fun, I had to have it. To simplify I decided to use white frames from IKEA – Simple and Cheap! I am still adding to the wall.

How do you display your favorite photos in your home?

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