Another DIY Storage Project

SAMSUNGby Basic Organization team member Tracy Wells
Not to long ago I was faced with a space challenge in my very small kitchen. I needed more pantry space right away but didn’t want to spend a large amount of money for something custom in my kitchen. With 3 growing children who seem to endlessly eat I decided the most economical thing to do was to purchase a piece of furniture  that could accommodate a small pantry in the designated space that I had. I needed something that was not to deep or to wide. I really wanted it to match my kitchen cabinets but I knew that was asking a lot so off I went to the consignment shops. I found nothing until I checked Craig’s List and found a old china cabinet that was in good shape and it was the perfect size for my space. I ventured out of my city and purchased the china cabinet from a family who was having an estate sale. The cabinet was a dark mahogany color, not the off white color I was hoping for to match my cabinets. Regardless, I was determined to make it look fresh and new.
The lady I purchased it from told me that I had a great idea and wished me luck after I told her about my plans for the antique. She even told me a story about how her parents brought this cabinet over from another country and how it had been in the family for a very long time. I told her I would try my best to make it look nice.  When I finally got it home I made my design plan. I knew that clear glass doors would not work well for a unsightly pantry.  That’s when I noticed the stainless steel paneling behind my stove. I recently had installed those and knew that I could purchase some more that match the ones behind my stove. So off I went to Lowes.
I purchased stripping materials to take off the dark stain finish. It was not a fast process but in the end it was well worth my hard work and effort. I picked out some modern stainless steel knobs and handles for the doors and painted the cabinet to match my existing cabinets. The stainless steel panels were cut and I duct taped them to the inside doors. After that I purchased some great tuba-ware storage.
With a little bit of ingenuity and determination a old piece of furniture was transformed into a kitchen pantry. What once was a lighted display cabinet for fancy items and expensive collectibles was now a storage home for food. I hope I’ve inspired you to take a second look at what spaces in your home need more storage and then consider purchasing something old and making it new again.

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