An Organizing Lesson From the Pulpit

Hi! I’m back. Sorry to be away for so long, but I have been enjoying summer.

I just had to post something I heard today at church. Forgive me if this is not for you, (I try not to discuss religion or politics if at all possible) but I just had to share.

Today, we had a visiting priest (from the next parish over, so what I am about to relate I don’t think has any cultural difference to where I live). In his sermon he talked about STUFF! I am not kidding. He started with a story about a traveler who visited a monastery and was surprised at how simply the priests lived. A priest ask the traveler how many bags he had with him. The traveler answered, “Just one, you see I am only here for a brief visit”. The priest responded, “So am I”.

The sermon continued with the idea of how much we consume in our society. The priest even suggested to the congregation that we could all go home and fill a box with items that we haven’t used for a year. (Little did he know that I had done this just yesterday.) He talked about the excuses people make, to delay the decisions to keep things that they are not using. (This priest must be an organizer at heart.)

This all reminds me of the hilarious title of a chapter in Julie Hall’s book The Boomer Burden. The title, “The Hearse Doesn’t Have a Trailer Hitch”. Think about it. If you spent less time shopping and spent less money on stuff, what WOULD you, COULD you do with that (time and money)?

His lesson was not lost on me. I believe, and often work with people who see, that by letting go, you open yourself up to new opportunities and positive change. As my mornings speaker said, when you move on to the afterlife, the things you do in this life are more important than the things you had.


It just goes to show, the idea of living an organized life is all around us, in every facet of life.



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3 Responses to An Organizing Lesson From the Pulpit

  1. Tracy says:

    Good post Janet!   

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