Is Your Freezer Suffering Through Popsicle Season?

A little maintenance can go along way to keeping your much-needed appliances working this summer.

1. Clean the interior twice a year. Remove all the food into a cooler. Wipe the walls and shelves with soapy water. Rinse and dry. Clean the door seal by wrapping a credit card with a wet cloth and glide it through the grooves. Add a new box of baking soda to a shelf as you are replacing your frozen food.

2. Vacuum the condenser coils once a year. Move the freezer to get to back coils or snap off front grill if your condenser is in the front. You only need one inch of space between the wall and your freezer for air flow.

3. Maintain the proper temperature. Zero degrees is ideal. To help maintain efficiency keep your freezer stocked. But not completely with popsicles!

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