School Starting Clean Up

By Basic Organization team member Tracy Wells.

Hello out there to anyone who has children starting school again. Yes, summer is almost over. It’s time to prepare to  transition into the school routine and schedule. This past week we purchased a lot of school clothes and we need to make room for them. Hopefully some of you took advantage of the tax free weekend.

What I am thinking about is cleaning out my children’s rooms and closets so I wanted to leave you with some tips on how you can get your little or big ones ready for the new school year by cleaning up their room. It’s really important that your children participate in this. I try to do this 2 times every year and for me it’s a seasonal thing.

First we start with an overall visual of the room. Is there any clutter forming? If so, ask your children about donating some of it. When my children were really small I would offer them one dollar for every toy that they would donate. I usually would leave with a big bag of toy donations.

Kids usually have a lot of things that they outgrow in a short amount of time. For instance, clothes, shoes, jackets, toys, games ,books, decorations, furnishings, etc… All of these things change as they get older. If you don’t keep up with teaching them to clean out their rooms every year then it will be very noticeable to all who see their room. I have made a list of ways you can help your little ones declutter their rooms.

1. Clothes- purge or donate any worn clothing with tears or stains. Clothes and jackets that no longer fit.
2. Shoes- shoes with holes, or extreme wear. Shoes that no longer fit.
3. Books- books that your children will no longer read due to their age and advancing reading skills.
4. Last years school work and books. Only keep what is necessary or sentimental.
5. Crayons/markers/craft supplies. Only keep items in good condition.
6. Room décor. As children age they no longer want Cinderella or Superman room décor. Donate pillows, sheets, blankets, decorating items that the children no longer want.
7. Furnishings- Have your children outgrown a toddler bed or desk?
7. Toys that the children no longer play with. Games included.
8. Electronics no longer being used.
9. Any trash? Look under the bed too. Toss..toss..toss

Remember, it’s important to do this at least once if year. If you can do it more that is better. I hope I’ve given you some good ideas to get started before school starts.

About Basic Organization

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