Teaching My Kids a Laundry Lesson

By Basic Organization team member Tracy Wells.

Recently I made a big change in the way I do laundry. With 3 children ranging in ages 8-13 I thought it was time to give them some more responsibility and to take a little pressure off me because I am now working more outside the home. I think this could be done whether or not you are working because it teaches children how to take responsibility for their own belongings. I also believe my children should be responsible for keeping their own rooms in order. Hopefully their future spouses will thank me one day because this can only help my children in the future.

Okay, so what did I do exactly? Well I went out and bought 3 laundry baskets and wrote each child’s name on each basket. Right after I take the clothes out of the dryer I distribute them in each child’s basket. After this I bring them to each child and tell them that they have 1 day to fold the clothes and put them in the proper drawers. The other day I gave my children some folding demonstration instruction in our home. I showed them how to fold socks, which for one of my children it was a little tricky at first but they finally did it! Yay!  I also showed them the many ways you could fold a shirt. I even shared a story with them about how my first job at a clothing store involved folding shirts with a clip board. The kids are also learning to turn their clothes and socks inside out.

Boy, I am so happy I did this because it really has given me back some time to accomplish other things.

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4 Responses to Teaching My Kids a Laundry Lesson

  1. Tamara says:

    Thanks Janet! This is a great tip. I’m implementing that names on the basket and one day to fold. My three are between 7 and 12. 🙂

  2. Tracy, I also gave my kids their own laundry responsibilities around age 12. They already had their own hampers, but I took the summer to show them how to sort and wash each type of laundry, and to give them an idea of a laundry schedule. They were responsible for folding, hanging and putting away. Each child learned in their own way (just like our clients), but they both learned the time management required. After the summer lessons, they were on their own. That’s when I had to learn to let go and not complain when a hamper was overflowing or laundry was being done at a rush, in the last minute.I realized that they needed to learn by consequences. In the end, I am glad to say I have been ‘kid laundry’ free for years and my sons have learned an important life management skill.

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