15 Minute Organizing – Your Fridge and Freezer

It’s that time of year when people start to think about how over indulgent they have been. So many parties, so little time! Does your fridge look like it’s been over run? Maybe it’s your freezer that you can’t identify what’s inside. It’s time for a quick organizing project to get these two spaces back into shape.

Here are some great ideas from Pinterest.


I love to use these containers in a fridge. They are a great size to contain items like yogurt cups, fruit, salad dressing bottles or other condiments. I really like the handles for easy use as well. You can label them too. Even better: they are inexpensive and you can purchase them at Wal-Mart.

I want these handled baskets from Walmart, but they are out of stock.  I will keep looking!

Read Leslie’s great post on how she reorganized her fridge using these containers at Goodbye House, Hello Home!

If you are looking for some ideas to better organize your freezer, read 5 Enviable Well-Organized Freezer from the Kitchn.

Look at how they stacked frozen meals in zip-lock bags (and labeled them) to save space. Wow! I love it. It looks like there are 27 meals on the shelf with the ice maker.

And what about remembering what’s inside your freezer? Check this out.

10 Ways to Organize Your Fridge and FreezerUsing a dry-erase marker to make a list on the outside of the freezer door came from babble.com, where they offer up several great organizing ideas for your fridge and freezer.

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