Dream Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to make better use of the space in your kitchen? It can be hard. I mean the space is the space and the storage is the storage – unless you want to do a whole renovation. A GIRL CAN DREAM – CAN’T SHE!

Here are some great ideas from Pinterest.

Kitchen Cabinets

For lower cabinets, Pull-outs are a dream! Imagine never having to bend down or get on the floor to get that item in the way-way back. You’ll never lose kitchen tools again, because you can see them.

Rentabilizar todos los pequeños espacios:  Con una cocina a medida, cualquier hueco se puede rentabilizar al 100% con elementos extraíbles, muy prácticos para guardar las especias, paños de cocina, botellas…

This cute one is from Love Cooking.

Original design for pots and lids but a narrower cab with a deeper insert with cannisters go store utensill's upright.  YES!! Sorting the lids is always a pain... This is great!!

This one is from indulgy.

White Kitchen - Kitchen Design Pictures | Pictures Of Kitchens | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas | Cabinetry Gallery

Love this garbage can storage from Mullet Cabinet.

In upper cabinets, consider lazy-susans or on-the-door storage.

The inside of cabinet doors makes a convenient place for a small spice rack. See more kitchen storage ideas: http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/storage/organization/new-kitchen-storage-ideas/?socsrc=bhgpin022413spicerack=19

These ideas are from Better Homes and Gardens.

upper cabinet spice storage - the coolest thing ever!

Or, how about under the cabinet spice rack from Home DIY Center.

If these lovely ideas are only day-dreams, you can use them to make more cost efficient changes in your space. We often help clients make the best use of the existing space in their homes. Give us a call.


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