Closet Makeover – Part 3 of a Series

Post by Basic Organization team member Tracy Wells.

For those of you who are following the Closet Makeover series this is part 3 of a series of advice on how to organize your wardrobe and closet. Last month we asked a series of questions for those of you who would like to go a step further in evaluating your clothes. By doing this we are able to ensure that all the clothes in your closet are working to your advantage. So if you’re ready let’s learn some more and help you to eliminate even more from your closet. Today I thought I would introduce you to color alliance/color analysis. downloadRecently I received training and certification in this and I will share with you some of the advantages of having a color analysis consultation. For one, it will help you to know what colors you look best in and therefore it will save you time and money when shopping. Just like the four seasons we have outdoors, so it is with people who have different skin tones, eye color, and hair color. By having a color analysis performed by a color alliance consultant like myself,  you will receive a custom palette containing 40 hand selected colors that will enhance and harmonize with the coloring of your skin, hair, and eyes.

A computer assisted program has been created to take the four seasons and further separate them into 372 different seasonal names. Once your color information has been entered into the computer it will select your top 40 colors out of a possibility of around 4 million color combinations. Truly, this is a custom palette unique to your coloring. When you receive your color palette you can take it with you when shopping and also use it to eliminate wrong color choices that may be in your closet. You will also learn how to use the color palette to know such things as to what color is best to wear when you don’t have any makeup on or what is the best color when you want to purchase a business suit. It will also make tie or scarf selections easier when selecting your suit, as well as what shirt color to wear.  Or maybe you don’t look great in white but instead ivory is a better color for you. You will receive a lot of advice on the colors in your palette and how to use them to your advantage.

Color harmony is the foundation of visual beauty. By wearing the right colors you will be in harmony with your coloring and look years younger and your best features will be enhanced. Someone who has warm skin tones is not going to look good in cool color clothes. The same will apply to your makeup and jewelry. Another area in which I received certification in is body analysis. Next month I will tell you more about this since it can also help you to eliminate the wrong clothes in your closet and make better choices when shopping for new clothes.

So today I would like to leave you with a bit of color advice that I recently learned while training for color alliance. It is helpful to anyone who is about to go on a job interview or who just wants to be more easily remembered.  Wearing a yellow accessory, like a yellow flower pin or jewelry, will stay in the memory longer of the person who sees you. Yellow is a lively and eye catching color so the next time you want to stand out from the crowd wear a little “pop” of yellow!

To catch up on the Closet Makeover Series, read Part One and Part Two.

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